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Tuner - I love your posts because they are clear and concise in your explanations - and I alway learn a lot.

My only question about FLGR is, why do some gunsmiths use them for their 1911's? I have a custom 1911 built by Bob Marvel, whom I would assume knows as much about 1911's as anyone, and Bob uses a FLGR. At the cost of his builds, it makes no sense that it was used only to "increase the cost," as is often touted as the reason behind using them. If you look at the cost of the FLGR versus GI guide rod - the cost difference is inconsequential in the overall price of the gun.

When Bob built the pistol, I told him to do whatever he wanted, and to build it the way he thought best. When I received it from Bob, I have to say, I was surprised that it came with a FLGR - but, there it was.

The gun is exceptionally accurate. The two test targets are from 50 yards and the 10 shot groups are <1.4 inches - but, I would assume that could be done with or without the use of a FLGR.

Do you have any thoughts on why the FLGR was used? Personal build style? Aesthetics? Performance reason? Or...?
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