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Problem with Winchester M74 reassembly.

While deciding to thoroughly clean my old M74, I removed the buttplate and with it the external mag tube. No biggie, right. Cleaned it up nicely but on reinstall I noticed a spring set into the inside bottom of the stock. Apparently, this spring must have fit under the external mag tube. I haven't been able to compress the spring enough to allow the tube to rest atop it. If I do get the tube over it the spring slips off to one side and doesn't support it. I don't think there were any parts missing that would allow the spring to position. The mag tube fits under the trigger mechanism and there is a trigger spring which I can easily reinsert---it's the heavier spring distal to that which it the problem. Anyone with experience on this reassemble, I would welcome your advice. A blowup schematic would help, but firsthand knowledge is the best.

Does the external mag tube unscrew/detach from the buttplate? I've seen an instructional CD sold online for this model but I don't know if it would address my problem.
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