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This is near verbatim of every stop or other interaction I've had.
Me: (hand driver's license and concealed permit to the officer)
LEO: "Do you have it on you?"
Me: "Yes, sir, in a holster on my right. What would you like me to do?"
LEO: "Leave yours where it is, and I'll leave mine where it is."
I would always verbally advise the officer beforehand. I tell them where it and my wallet are so he doesn't get excited. I've never been asked to surrender it.

My son is SCPD and he says that he gets real excited when NOT advised and drive suddlenly reveals a firearm, by accident or intent. Several times, he wasn't told and driver would open glove box for papers and a gun would be in there. Each time, he drew and covered the person while telling them to ease the papers out, etc.
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