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Cuomo claims the new laws are common sense but he was lacking common sense in a few areas.
1. Background checks....doesn't apply to NY State handgun ones because only permit holders and law enforcement can LEGALY own handguns. Background investigations have already been done. You cannot transfer a handgun legally, unless the new owner has a NY State permit or FFL.
2. Where did the magic number of "7" come from. I'm sure all mentally deficient people and criminals will abide by that.
3. Is any one persons life more important than another? What has the gov done about flight 7402 or other mass trajedies?

4. For all the gun regulation supporters...I propose that because there are so many accidents involving snow blowers and lawn mowers that all lawn mowers and blowers that are motor driven and over 7 inches wide be banned. All mowers,tractors,blowers, any equipment powered by a motor be made illegal and You have 1 year to dispose of out of state.

5. AND...have the other gov's thought that now cuomo has made it a mandate that all the assault weopons and high capacity mags be "dumped" in their state.

Where's the sense in this ? Gotta go...heading out to Niagara Square in Buffalo to join the march...Tom E USAF ret
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