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Why Are We Saying, "From My Cold Dead Fingers" ?

i believe that if it comes to having to enforce our Constitutional rights, there will NOT be any antis around to pry our guns from anyones "cold dead fingers".

like our patriotic forefathers, we will/must go into this battle with the sole intentions of winning, theoretically i see little or no resistance.., what will the antis fight us with ? throwing their "Air Jordan's" at us ? their wadded up anti-gun bills ? these liberals, if they are true to their cause, they will be as unarmed as a cottontail rabbit trying to cross a heavily traveled road used by M1 Abrams tanks !!

so if i may ask, please stop using that terminology, in my OPINION there will not be anyone around to pry me away from my second amendment rights..., yaa know, it's like, if we know they are going to come kick the door down in your home......, surrender ? or fight ?
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