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As imperfect as the NRA may be in some areas, they are largest group out there with any political muscle. They are the ones that have been out there fighting...the thorn in the side of alot of anti-gun politicians. When the anti's start calling the NRA a hate group and everything else I have heard lately, kinda tells me those people fear the NRA. Not for the reasons those folks are claiming though. They know that NRA members are active voters and will do everything in their power to geet rid of anti politicians. If they weren't a force to be reckoned with they would NEVER get mentioned by the politicians or media.

I just wish that they could find spokespeople who appeal to a wide audience.
As much as I love Ted Nugent (I know hes not an official spokesman), hes extremely outspoken and he scares alot of people. Surely there have got to be current music stars, movie stars, and pro athletes who are pro-gun that can come off as friendly and inviting. I am in no way knocking any of the present or past spokespeople or gunrights ambassadors. In order to succeed in todays climate from a PR standpoint, you have to go with whats current, hip, popular, etc...You need to show diversity...not just middle aged or old white males. Part of the whole gun rights battle is image. If all the public sees is old white men "clinging" onto their guns it becomes alot harder to sell that image as positive compared to a racially and age diverse group of men and women.

They are our best ally when it comes to gun rights. Not trying to take anything away from the other groups as they are important as well. We need to get behind all of them and show the anti's a unified front.
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