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I like mine. Its a 4" White Rhino and shooting from the bottom cylinder does help on follow up shots. I intially had light primer strike issue with the first set of reloads I put through it. It turned out that my daughter had not seated the primers very well on that batch. I re-seated the primers and the problem went away. It does indicate that the primer strike is on the 'soft' side.

They do make trigger packs to lighten the trigger pull. As I recall, the target pack is not guanteed to touch them all off though.

I am a bit concerned about how complex the fire control group is but have had no problems so far. Round count is still pretty low at around 200.

The main reason I replaced my 4" Security Six with this one, other than the Rhino was a gift, is its weight. A lot of my hunting requires climbing pretty steep hills. It is much lighter on the hip in a hunting situation than the Security Six was. And at my age, those couple of ounces make a difference. Not so much for total weight, but how those extra ounces affect my hip.
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