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Read what you will, believe what you want

Such an eye opener, Mr. Ayoob/Russian Reporter, and the all and sundry posters.

We carry a pistol, here in Florida, because we can.

The reality of the use of a carry pistol to fight for your life, defend your Wife, etc.
You carry what you can carry every day, so it must be light, lots of effective cartridges, be accurate (good night sights) reliable!

After a lifetime of study of fights with weapons, and being involved with more than enough violent confrontations, any less than 16 rounds of effective 9mm cartridges, is silly.

(reference .38/.40/.45 ACP instead of 9mm, fill your boots)

Why 16 rounds? I think the Glock 19, is the best CCW fighting pistol in the World! So that is what I carry. You? carry what you want.

No one can show me, and it is me communicating here, that flooding an aggressor with these wimpy pistol rounds, all of them, 9/40/45 is not a great idea!

To shoot a lot, you need a lot to start with.
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