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My Sheriff speaks out!

My initial plan for this post was to copy and paste Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith's statement frome facebook and paste it here..then I decided there may be an infringement there,so I backed up.

The statement is also posted on Bear Arms facebook page,of Windsor,Co

The sheriff of neighboring Weld county,Cooke,I believe his name is,has taken a similar stand.

Sheriff Smith sees his job as defending the Constitutional Rights of the people in Larimer County.He states what he will refuse to enforce.

Sorry I am not telling you more,but I do not want to corrupt his message by misquoting him.

He also clearly states the universal background check could only be implemented and enforced with universal gun registration.

This has hit the news,so a search should get you the media's version.

If you want the original,try fb for Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith,or try a search for Bear Arms,Windsor,Co.

It is worth a read and gives me a different perspective on the role of Sheriff.

Get to know your Sheriff,and be sure he knows what you believe in.Thanks
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