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Just read on msnbc that shrinks will be held liable for not reporting someone who has violent thoughts. Physicians who perform unnecessary tests to protect themselves from a lawsuit is a good analogy. That should work real well as those who need help will not seek it for fear of investigation and a blot on their medical record. Talk about a bureaucratic mess that will be impossible and expensive to enforce.

A snippet: "New York’s expanded gun law signed by Cuomo on January 15 goes further than most state laws in that it requires mental health professionals to report any person considered “likely to engage in conduct that would result in serious harm to self or others” to local health officials. Those officials would be authorized to report that person to law enforcement, which could seize the person’s firearms."

I feel sorry for all the PTSD guys coming back from overseas, and the SWAT teams that will be needed as these guys barricade themselves in their houses.

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