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It got the job done ..... because the home invader was not real determined: she shot her six, and he was begging her to stop shooting him. She could not have shot him again if she wanted to, as the gun was empty ...... he just was not in any mood to think of that .... so it was a "psychological stop"- he stopped going after because he wanted to, not because he was unable to, and could have just as easily became enraged and beat her to death with her empty gun, as he had enough energy to run out the house and drive away....
jim you dont know where the shots hit(grazes as an example).

either way your reply is sort of speculation. it seems upsurd that you feel this guy was stopped because he 'was in his own head'. more likely the very little time he had to think or utter anything he was just hoping she would stop firing. I am sure he thought he would die.

also more likely is victim kept firing which some people do sometimes(sometimes wrongly and sometimes rightly like this case). there is no evidence she had to fire every shot.
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