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Even if a ban did happen, which is HIGHLY unlikely at the federal level there just isnt the votes for it. You would not be turning in weapons, especially if they're trying to do the same ban as 94. All the stuff you currently have would be grandfathered in. That said, you still need to help educate people that are on the fence on gun control like the previous poster stated. States are more likely to pass bans now, like the state of New York which did to my knowledge just tell people that had a certain amount of time to get rid of magazines. This is the kind of stuff you need to be writing your congressman, governors, heck I even wrote my sherrif and mayor on the subject as well. We have to stay proffessional on this. The people running around in camos screaming at people are making us look like real idiots. Even if 10,000 of us are standing there with shirts and ties on with educated reasons why we need support the media will pick out the one moron in the group to interview to make us look bad. Please do your part and show the country how we are just everyday people that love our constitutional right to bear arms.
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