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I have owned rifles and shotguns since I was a kid but did not purchase a handgun until 2007 when I was 48. Just about everyone I talked to recommended a .40 but I went with a 9MM. The reason is because after shooting both I felt I would be more accurate with a 9MM. And just as important was the fact that the ammo is much less expensive than .40 where I live. To me it was more important to shoot a lot which the 9 allowed me to do. I then purchased a .22 for my son. I could care less what anyone thinks about the pistols I shoot. I now own two 9MM's, two Colt .38 Specials, a .380, a 9MM Makarov and a .22. I enjoy shooting the .22 the most because it is so easy to shoot accurately.

One thing that I find interesting is the caliber debate and all the people online that talk about how you need a cannon for self defense. How many of these people have actually shot someone? I am willing to bet that the percentage of people who have actually shot someone is too small to calculate. I have a neighbor that I also attend church with who is a legend in the police department he works for. The police force services a city of 750,000 people and he is the only officer on the force to have killed two people in the line of duty. And there are only a handful of officers on the force that have killed, much less shot one person. Like most police forces, this one uses .40 caliber Glock's. So I would truly like to know from what experience or knowledge base the big caliber worshipers are drawing their conclusions from - OTHER THAN WHAT THEY HAVE READ.

Okay, I have opened myself up. Let me have it.
My great great grandfather was an old Indian fighter.
My great great grandmother was an old Indian.
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