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Hodgdon H-450 Powder: Older vs Newer

Who here is familiar with H-450 powder over the years it was popular? The reason I ask is that I have two cans of H-450. one can is rectangular cardboard with metal ends and the powder inside is a slightly flattened ball type powder and I have used about half of it with fairly good results in my 270 Winchester. The other can is a black plastic cylinder in shape with rounded ends and metal cap just like the current Hodgdon powder cans. However, inside is an entirely different powder, spherical like BB's and it rolls all over if poured onto a flat surface. It is full and clearly marked H-450 and says it's made to U.S. Military specifications. When I called Hodgdon's they said that H-450 had been changed and reformulated to the same burn rate but the person I talked with couldn't tell me whether the two powders should look so different. Before I use this powder, ..........what say ye, brethren?
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