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Looked at the new 73 at SHOT.
Well made, nicely put together.
The bolt does have some sort of firing pin block modification in it, without having time & tools to break it down I couldn't see exactly what did what, but it appears to work off the trigger. There's also the usual trigger block released by closing the lever.

I was absolutely astounded to find it has a traditional half-cock hammer notch. NO REBOUNDING HAMMER!!!!!

All in all, if they come out with a carbine version (can't tolerate the crescent buttplate) in .45 Colt I think I'll probably have to get one.

It appears to be the least obnoxiously-monkeyed-with of the Winchester/Miroku leverguns. No tang or crossbolt safety, no rebounding hammer, and no angle eject.
And I do have a fondness for the 73....
I was pleasantly surprised, overall.
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