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Operation Home Embargo

This notice goes out to every gun, ammo, and accessory manufacturer within and out of the US. Our many state and federal governments have made it clear that their near term goals include disarming the legal gun owners of this nation by taking away semi-auto firearms and standard capacity magazines. Here is my proposal: stop any and all current and future orders to any department of the federal government, any state that has or plans to enact an AWB, and any city run by [any mayors on this list](http://www.mayorsagainstillegalguns..../members.shtml). How will you sell all that excess inventory? Every single gun store across the nation is bare. People are turning out in droves to buy up any semi-auto firearm and related mags, ammo, and accessories. You can run inventory through distributors and get top dollar instead of bid down bulk government prices. We win, you win, and those who would see the people disarmed will find themselves in the same hole. This benefits everyone, you will have guaranteed sales, constant demand, and constant profit. Ronnie Barrett took this stand with the state of California and his business is making millions and so will yours. Other manufacturers have already started taking on this policy and we ask you to do the same. Stand by us and we will stand by you.
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