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Added info... I originally tried the heaviest Wolff mainspring in the 94. It was about 75% reliable in SA, but in DA would only light maybe 3 of the 9 cartridges in the cylinder. Thats why I decided to try the mainspring from my centerfire 905. That did the trick. I have also read that some people cut a coil or two off of the factory rimfire mainspring, and have some success that way. You can search for that and see what you think about that idea. Since I really want the original springs back in my 905, I may consider doing this to the original rimfire spring from my 94, and put it back in. If you dont know, a rimfire revolver needs a stronger mainspring than an equivalent centerfire revolver, because it takes more hammer energy to fire the rimfire primer. Taurus uses the heaviest mainsprings I have ever come across, in their rimfire revolvers. Mine must be 50#. They dont need to be that heavy, as I have found with my centerfire mainspring experimenting.
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