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You wont find that adjustable mainspring in your Model 94 that g. willikers has referenced to above this post. I have a Model 94 and ordered Wolff springs for it. I also have a Taurus model 905 revolver(centerfire). I installed one of the Wolff mainsprings in my 905 and took out the factory mainspring from the 905 and put it into the 94. The 94 now has a better DA trigger, and the SA trigger can be easily cocked. The trigger in DA is still pretty stout, but it went from being un-pullable, to being still heavy, but manageable. It still has 100% reliability. The Wolff mainspring in my 905 has made that gun unreliable, so I will have to look around for a factory centerfire replacement. If you can get Taurus to sell you a factory mainspring for one of their standard revolvers(85, 905), that would be my recommendation. Try and buy the centerfire trigger return spring from them and replace that too. That helps also.
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