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NY still ranks number 6 in manufacturing, as of 2009, the latest year I could find quickly. I doubt a boycott would have much effect.
Even a previous governor, Spitzer, described upstate as something resembling Appalachia, in terms of economic activity. Yup, even with that rank. Buffalo used to one of the top five manufacturing centers in the country.
You know how states are complaining about the expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare (despite the feds paying 90% of the cost) up to 130% of the poverty level? New York already provides it, paying 50% of the cost, up to 140% of the poverty level. We spend nearly double the next highest state, California, on this one program alone. The entire county property tax that I pay goes toward Medicaid.
Our legislature rarely debates any bill on the floor. Budgets are the same way. They are all negotiated by "three men in a room." The majority leader of the senate, the assembly, and the governor get in a room and play lets make a deal. All the members fall into line to vote for whatever is agreed. They have little or no say. If they do not, several things happen. One, they aren't paid great, in terms of base salary. But nearly everyone has a committee assignment, subject to the leader's whim, that pays an extra stipend. Their expenses (they are reimbursed for everything you can think of) come under scrutiny.(Once, a governor ordered the State Police to start investigating one of the majority leaders.) They lose party endorsement, which means they must organize their own petitioning campaign to get back on the ballot, and someone else is backed by the party for their seat. The districts are all severely gerrymandered, to make campaigning unnecessary.
There are numerous state authorities to run various functions, like the thruway, or the dormitory authority, or the power authority... the list goes on. These are all headed by political appointee idiots. They are also used to hide debt and for accounting chicanery. At one point, the Thruway Authority purchased Attica Correctional facility for $500 million. No, I am not making this stuff up.
Yes, I am still a liberal, but that is an entirely different issue than the dysfunction of this government.
No, I am not a liberal (or what one is supposedly these days) when it comes to gun issues.
I do believe there may be some serious blow back on this legislation. Some people are finally becoming aware of how legislation is passed and how screwed up the process is in NY. This went too far.
"We have normality. I repeat, we have normality. Anything you still can't cope with is therefore your own problem." Douglas Adams
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