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I own a K31 in 7.5X55, I am not confused.
I have a 1911 chambered in 308 (that stuck the two times I fired it due to bolt stretching o now I don't fire it).

I am looking for a factory K31 in the one of the oddball chamberings. They were produced. They are available in the US but bring a ridiculous price tag. I will eventually buy one here for the $2000+ if I can't figure out a way to import a few for less(with one the price of shipping and paperwork is prohibitive).

GOing along with what Husqvarna said, I have heard that in Europe these oddball chamberings are not in very high demand and don't bring much of a premium. What do you expect the value of a 1903A3 chambered in 7.5X55 to be? My guess is not much.
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