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Suggestions for a Revolver

Since you already reload for .45 acp, I suggest you find either a S and W M1917, which was calibered in .45 acp, and uses moon clips. There are newer S and W revolvers, that can accomodate .45 auto-rim, or so I've heard.

There many good .357 Magnum revolvers out there, and yes, you can use .38 Specials in them, too. I do not own any .357's, because of my hands. I know that they are chambering some revolvers to be eight-shot cylinders, now.

I would suggest you look at Charter Arms, because they have some revolvers that are chambered for .44 Special, that might suit your fancy.

For .38 Special's, I own S and W Model 15's, and a Taurus Model 82 with the full underlug, and a Model 850CIA - similar to the S and W 442. 158 grain lead semi-wadcutters, non-plus p, non-hollow points work just great.

I, too, own semi-auto pistols, but have been moving to revolvers, both short-barrel and four inchers, because all the 'murphys' with semis, I can't trust them, for that 3 a.m. door knock.

I wish you well.
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