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Originally Posted by 318
In ohio, i was taught by my conceal carry class instructor when im pulled over, im am to turn on the dome light, (if its night time), put both hands on the steering wheel and at first chance let the officer know you have a conceal carry permit and you have a SIDEARM, WEAPON, etc in your vehicle or on your person. I capitalized sidearm and weapon be ause officers seem to get more on edge when the word GUN is used. Fwiw
Ohio is one of the states that requires you to notify an officer if you are carrying.

But -- there are 50 states, and that means 52 sets of laws (50 states + Washington, DC + Federal). None of us can know them all, so there is no excuse for not learning what YOUR state says.

The question here is specifically about a pistol in a maxpedition bag (whatever that is). No state provided, so the question is: What constitutes carry and what constitutes concealed carry in that state? Is transporting a handgun in a maxpedition bag "carry," or is it not?

Then there's the specificity of what the officer asks. The question posed was that the officer asks if you "have" a gun. While I don't think we need to volunteer anything to the police, I also don't advocate lying to them, and trying to avoid/evade the question will only arouse suspicion, so I think it's best to be direct. "I am transporting my handgun in my computer bag, the one that's over on the passenger seat. I have a carry permit in my wallet. How would you like me to proceed?"

I seriously doubt any officer would allow you to remove the gun from the bag. If he/she says he/she would like to remove the gun, simply state clearly that you are ONLY granting permission for him/her to remove the gun from the bag.
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