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handgun reflex reddot?

I just picked up a nice slightly used Ruger MKIII target. I'm looking for a reddot optic sight for steel shooting. This will be my first reddot purchase.
I have to say, I have a splitting headache from doing research. The choices are overwhelming me.
I'm leaning towards a reflex due to size and weight.

I see $40 sights and then I look at ultradot and Burris, $250. I also came accross a Bushnell XLT First Strike for about $125. This seems to be a fairly new offering from Bushnell. I was interested in it, but only found one review. The guy said he was very happy with it.
The Burris fastfire seems very popular and lots of feedback available. The Ultadot Pan AV also looks good, but with limited reviews.
I've look thru some reddots at the club, but they are either too big or IMO, too heavy. These were all tube style bullseye sights.

I don't mind spending good money, I just don't want to have to buy twice. I'm looking for some insight from dot users.
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