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Worst revolver I ever owned is a Rohm .22 LR revolver.

I remember when I was a little boy (I'm 27 now) peering into my grandfather's nightstand and seeing his revolver. I never touched it, as I knew I couldn't without an adult. Back then, I thought it was probably the biggest, baddest revolver ever made.

My grandfather passed away last year. That old revolver was handed down to me. When I got it, the cylinder wouldn't turn when I pulled the trigger. I took it apart and figured out that a spring had gotten jammed up. I cleaned it and reassembled it correctly. Test fired it and it fired fine. I might only run a cylinder through it every couple years. Not really sure it's safe to fire much more than that, even with SV cartridges. His brother brought it over from Germany when he was in the service. It's probably worth about $20, and it's the worst revolver I own, but I'll never get rid of it. Anything that reminds me of my grandfather is a mighty damn good thing.
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