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Red jacket, ohio rapid fire and a few othrrs were putting them together. Century did the Golani for a while, but I think they have stopped. I had a century built Golani, and I was not very impressed with the quality. The top cover was really hard to get back on. I have seen others that were poorly built also. I have an original ARM model by IMI and the quality is 100 times better. The Golani I got for like $550, and the real one was almost $3000. I just sold the Golani for almost $1200. If hou find a Golani you want, make sure you check it out in person. You can tell whats wrong with them usually by just checking out the safety and other funtions like that. The 7.62 Galil wss a one off made specificly for the US market, I have heard. I dont think anyone is making them right now because there are no parts kits for them. The magazines are pricey for the 7.62 version.

The galil is pretty cool to shoot. Its a little on the heavy side for the caliber. Has a lot of neat little features on it. Bottle opener, wire cutter, ambi safety.
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