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I bought a 5 inch black about a year ago and liked it so much I bought a 2 inch hard chrome. What's been said about less muzzle flip and recoil is true. Shooting 38's from my 442 is way tougher on the hand that 357's out of the 2 inch Rhino. The newer ones are cut for moon clips and you don't have to use them.
The 5 inch is just as accurate as my 6 inch Highway Patrolman and believe it or not is easier to do follow up shots. The trigger reminds me more of my Kahr than a traditional revolver, which is to say not bad.
Having said all that I had to send the 2 incher back because I thought it had excessive end shake. I never had this problem with the 5 inch.
Whatever you read about customer service not being good is BS. I notified them on their website and they sent me a shipping label. It's only been gone a few days so i can't comment on return time.
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