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James Madison originally proposed 20 revisions to the Constitution to Congress on June 8, 1789. The 7th of Madison's proposed revisions dealt with the RKBA.

Madison's proposal was to add to, delete from, or modify the actual text of the Constitution. Therefore, his revisions were presented in the order in which topics fit within the structure of the existing Constitution. The revision dealing with the RKBA was the 4th of 10 revisions to be inserted between the 3rd and 4th clauses of Article 1, Section 9 (limits on Congressional powers).

Members of Congress objected to changing the text of the Constitution and Madison's revisions were rewritten as separate Amendments to supplement the Constitution. The House of Representatives rejected Madison's proposal regarding the preamble to the Constitution and concatenated some other revisions. The RKBA was the 5th of 17 proposed Amendments approved by the House and submitted to the Senate.

Congress submitted 12 amendments to the states in 1789. The 4th proposed amendment dealt with the RKBA.
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