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Inside waistband is probably the most concealable and most practical option.

Consider a pocket holster for the Utah winters if you end up there, useful for keeping your gun in a nice accessible place with heavy clothes on.

Ankle holster has the disadvantage of being easiest to draw from using both hands, one hand to pull up your pant leg and the other to grab the gun. I want to be able to draw my gun easily and the ankle just isn't conducive to that.

Another thing is to get out and practice with it even if you can't carry it yet, try to make it out to the range. The model 36 is definitely one that demands practice. We have one as well, and they shoot accurate enough if you do your part but if its going to be your carry be sure you can shoot it well.

I don't feel like I am nearly as good as I could be with mine, I feel confident that I could engage a home invader at the distances that situation would call for and hit center mass but I would feel better if I could do this repeatedly at 25 yards. This handgun isn't a carry gun for me at the moment either. In any case I need more practice with it.
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