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Other than boot camp and infantry school in Kalifornia and a couple month long TDY trips there as well, along with an 18 month tour of duty in Italy, I have never lived in a place that wasn't free. Born and raised in ND, spent most of my time in NC when I was in the Marines and then Florida to NC to Florida again when I was in the reserves before finally movign out here to Wyoming. I guess I really don't count my time in the Corps since having weapons while living in the barracks was a royal PITA but other than that, NC wasn't a bad place. As far as the democratic republic of Kalifornia goes, when my orders ended in September 2011, I was offered a job as OPFOR for a FLIR training company. I turned it down simply because it was near Sacramento. I told the recruiter (a retired USAF PJ) I would rather live in a cave and eat dirt like some kind of Afghan before I would consider moving to Kalifornia! He understood and later I got a GS job in Wyoming and I love it, both the job as well as the state.
Sorry for the F'ed up states and the conditions you have to deal with but I will not be joining you there. I know some folks behind the lines say we should move to these blue states to increase our numbers and take it back. Well, the idea of leaving family and friends behind to move into an opressive state is no better for us than for you to leave your homes either and we get the added kick in the balls of intentionally moving into a place where our kind isn't accepted in the first place.
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