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super blackhawk

went out around the town today, stopped in a small gunstore and found a goody ive never seen before.

used, ruger super black hawk in 44 magnum. long barrel was nice but a tad heavy. the gun wasnt cleaned in a very long time so it might have fudged it up a bit but..

ive heard wonderful things on ruger lockup, on this one the cylinder would move back about 2 mm with the hammer all the way down. and it would rotate side to side about a quarter inch.

is that normal?

with the hammer all the way back, the rotational play was reduced by half. is that normal at all?

and for some reason the transfer bar was misshapen, the section that contacts the firing pin was bent wierd like someone tried some amateur gunsmithing.

but the wierdest thing was that it was the same size in frame and cylinder as a reproduction percussion revolver of a remington pattern. NOT a ROA sadly.
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