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I carry on my belt. I generally prefer IWB for concealment, but have grown much more comfortable w/ OWB over the last few years.

My main carry options:
1: Ruger Sp101 3" in an IWB w/ speedstrips in an ammo pouch on my belt, or OWB with a speed loader on my belt. My main holster is from Simply Rugged, allowing for OWB or IWB w/ "inside out" straps. I also have a Desantis holster I use for OWB now and again, when I want a retention strap.

2. Glock 36 IWB with a holster from K&D leather (whose website appears to be down). Also have a Don Hume OWB, which actually gets used more often these days than the IWB.

3. NAA Guardian 32 in a pocket holster, I'm not sure which make.
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