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Fighting Back with Talking Points

It seems to me that those on the left have always been well organized when fighting their political battles. On our side, not so much. I think this has to do with the fact that conservatives tend to be individuals, that think and act independently, so organizing for us is not intuitive.

That being said, I believe that this entire gun control issue could have gone away in just a couple of days, had we been a little bit organized, and fought back with something that would have made the liberals just start to ignore the issue and try to make it go away. That talking point is Fast and Furious! If every time a pro-Second Amendment individual was on or interviewed by the media, he or she would have said "Before we talk about disarming law abiding citizens, let's talk about how our government has been arming drug cartels. Let's have the administration tell us what that was all
about first, then we will talk about gun control." The more they shout about gun control, the more we talk about Fast and Furious.

If this had been the case, the media and the administration would have stopped talking about it almost overnight, because they don't want to ask the administration about it, and the administration would does not want the American Public to know about it. The two are definitely related in that they both have to do with guns being on the street, and protecting the public.

I believe that Eric Holder has more blood on his hands than the shooters in Aurora and Sandy Hook combined, and this needs to be shouted from the mountain tops. Let's put them on the defensive.
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