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Thoughts on the Beretta Nano??

I just recently picked up a brand new Beretta Nano and went straight to the range from the gun shop. I put 100 rounds thru it that day and sisnt have any issues at all. I went to the range the other day and put another 250 rounds thru it and the only FTE I had was with some cheap remanufactured ammo i bought from the gun range to shoot.

My overall opinion of this gun is excellent. 350 rounds basically right out of the box and only 1 FTE (which i blame on the ammo). This gun is very accurate right out of the box. The only negative I have is that they dont make a pinky extension for it yet. They do have a magazine extension kit where you can transform your 6 rd mag to an 8 rd mag but they are sold out EVERYWHERE.

Anyone else out there own one? What are your thoughts?
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