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The primary reason for using Snap-Caps is safety. It forces you to open the cylinder and verify there are no live cartridges in the chambers. One secondary purpose is to practice reloading the gun from speed loaders, moon clips and/or speed strips. Snap-Caps are necessary for S&W revolvers that have the frame mounted firing pin. I broke two firing pins on my N-Frames (within hundreds of pulls) before no longer believing what I was told. I never broke a firing pin after that. Rugers likely do not need it, but I use Snap-Caps for the first two purposes mentioned. Save a pair of underwear and be eco-friendly by using Snap-Caps!

In addition to Grant Cunningham's book, read:

No Second Place Winner by William Jordan
Fast and Fancy Revolver Shooting by Ed McGivern

Both books have additional tips and tricks for shooting revolvers. I find rapid fire extremely difficult with the revolver. It is a good challenge that I hope to one day master.

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