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From a pure liability standpoint -- its a really bad idea whether you knew them or not ....

Your Homeowner's Insurance - is where you get your liability insurance from ( and for most of us its either $100,000 or $300,000 ) and most homeowners insurance, in most states, will not cover you for losses of a "business nature" selling things for a profit, or paying for your components, etc...

Its a bad idea....because you have no way to protect yourself...if the other guy screws up / and claims it was your reloads that caused his injury or damaged his gun ...( might cost you a few hundred bucks / might cost you a few thousand bucks...) ....why take the risk / especially since the only reason he is asking because he wants to save money - and looking for an easy way out to get less expensive ammo ?

Educate them - help them understand the equipment / let them buy their own equipment - and you can help them get started. In the meantime, tell them to buy their ammo at the local gunshows...or whoever has the best prices..../ I don't even reload for close friends --- imagine how bad you would feel if a friend got hurt bad - or blew up a $3,000 gun that he loved ...and even if he didn't blame you bad you'd feel...
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