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Any proper 8mm Mauser (technically, it's called 7.92 x 57JS) can be fired through your M48a. I'm not sure exactly what you are asking, I have to say. Are you asking for a recommendation on particular brands ? I'll pass on some general info, hoping that it will help you.......

Your M48a has a barrel which is rifled for the "standard" military load (for most 8mm Mauser rifles).....which is a 198 grain pointed ("spitzer", in German) bullet @ about 2360 fps. Many, maybe all, of the US manufactured 8mm Mauser loads use a 170 grain bullet. These are somewhat lightly loaded and generally won't be as accurate as more "standard" loads. So, your best bet for good ammo for your rifle are European brands, such as Sellier & Bellot (Czech), Prvi Partisan (Serbian), Norma (Swedish....and VERY expensive). S&B and PP are not expensive. There are other such brands, but the important thing to look for is bullet weights of around 198 grains. There are also some brands to avoid, one being Olympic (Greek).

But, any commercially-loaded 8mm Mauser ammo will work in your rifle.

Does that help at all ? I hope so.
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