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Originally Posted by Mr.Scott
I can understand why Mass cops are mad. The NY law applies to the police as well as the way the law we written there is no exception added for police.
So NY wants to fix their law to provide an exception for LEOs ... and retired LEOs.

Why should a retired LEO be entitled to any more ammo than any other private citizen? His life isn't worth any more (or less) than mine, and his wife's life isn't worth any more (or less) than my wife's.

They don't think cops ever go off the deep end? A few years ago, right between NY and MA, a retired Connecticut state trooper ambushed his soon-to-be wife and her attorney in the parking garage of the courthouse. He killed his wife, seriously wounded the attorney, and then (with typical assassin bravado) shot himself.

Nope, no need to worry about police officers having all that firepower.
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