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I declined because I don't know this person at all.
+1. That would be exactly my response. I reload occasionally for my dad and uncle, but that is it. On top of that the loads are light/medium loads, no where near max and not off a progressive press either (no churn 'em out as fast as possible type loading for me... No thank you). When loading for someone else I am 'extra' paranoid. Even with relatives, I would never load 'max' loads in a caliber.

I have shot ammo in my guns from 'people I know'. You know "Here try some of mine. Lets see how it shoots in your gun". No problem. Again only from people I know and shoot with.... For example, a few months ago, one of the shooters here, had some .45 ACP loaded up that he was testing (his own 200g cast bullets) in his 1911. Wanted to see how they worked in my revolver. Okay with me . Later I returned a test target and comments about the load.
A clinger. When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. Single Action .45 Colt (Sometimes improperly referred to by its alias as the .45 'Long' Colt or .45LC). Don't leave home without it. Ok.... the .44Spec is growing on me ... but the .45 Colt is still king.
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