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A bit more on the Sidwell friends school.
this from a so-called fact checker site.

This is based on the fact that the online directory for Sidwell Friends lists 11 people as working in the Security Department. Five are listed as “special police officer,” while two are listed as “on call special police officer,” which presumably means they do not work full-time. The directory also lists two weekend shift supervisors, one security officer and the chief of security.

Under the District of Columbia General Order 308.7, a special police officer is a private commissioned police officer with arrest powers in the area that he or she protects. They may also be authorized to bear firearms — but it is not required. Security officers, by contrast, cannot carry firearms and in effect are watchmen. So five to seven security personnel in theory could be licensed to carry firearms.

But we spoke to parents who said they had never seen a guard on campus with a weapon. And Ellis Turner, associate head of Sidwell Friends, told us emphatically: “Sidwell Friends security officers do not carry guns.” (Note: this includes those listed as special police officers.)
The chief of security job requirements include being licensed as a "Special Police Officer", so he may also be licensed to carry a firearm in DC or Maryland.
Its unlikely that security officers at a school of this sort would openly carry a pistol on their belt, if indeed they wore uniforms at all.
So only the statement by Ellis Turner actually provides any support for the article's claim of no armed guards at Sidwell Friends School, and thats second hand at best, and despite the added claim in brackets does not address the SPO who may carry firearms in the course of their duries.

They carefully avoid mention of the Secret Service Detail, or any private body guards employed by wealthy parents of other students at the school.

Sidwell Friends School has been embroiled in recent drug, alcohol, and sex scandals.
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