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So I'm going to a gun show... need some advise from the regulars

Just wanted to get a feel for how it works when are actually go there to buy. Up to now I have just gone to look around, but have not been in the position to buy anything. Well tomorrow I'm on the hunt for a beretta cx4 storm carbide rifle at a local gun show. I have been wanting one for years and I figure I better get one while I still can.

Since I have never bought before I really have no idea how the process works. I dont have my carry permit yet. How does the back ground check work? And are you better off to bring cash or just rely on a credit card. Taking $2000.00 in cash to a public place makes me a bit too nervous, but if it means I can haggle someone down it will be worth it.

What have you regulars seen that helps out the buyer?

Thank you!
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