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I dunno if I can work up the nerve to do that
Like I said, if you screw it up, just flood it out with acetone and start over. You sure as hell ain't gonna' hurt a Glock slide with acetone. Might as well "practice" on the real thing... you'll learn stuff real fast.

The only things that can make doing it more difficult are if the rollmarks are really shallow, or have been over-struck, which causes the metal edges of the rollmark to displace up above the flat surface. I don't think Glock has too many issues in those regards.

So when you say enamel do u nail polish or is ur a specialty sorta thing?
On the last few guns I used Harley-Davidson touch-up paint (I'd imagine any automotive/motorcycle touch-up would work fine). I've also used model car/airplane enamel with good success... which is what you see on the H&K.

Not a clue on nail polish... but something tells me it's not designed to last.

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