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And remember that the Fed's greatest motivation to making you obtain a manufacturer's FFL for producing and selling ammo is not because ammo can be dangerous... it's because they want to TAX you for your efforts.

On another gun forum I frequent this same question came up and it was stated that like the carrying your own reloads for SD, while the web is full of gloom and doom for folks that do, there are no actual court cases to prove it. Some even claimed that unless one purposely loads cartridges that are dangerous to shoot or does not use REASONABLY SAFE reloading practices there's not a whole lot of neglect or intent to justify a lawsuit. Then one must be able to prove it was the ammo's fault and not the the fault of the gun or shooter. Me, I ain't no laywer and I have a hard enough time keeping ammo loaded for me and my immediate family. While I trust my reloading practices, I don't trust folks I don't know. I shoot my own ammo and let my friends and family shoot my ammo outta my guns. I let other folks take care of procuring their own.
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