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Local Prices

Just curious what you guys are seeing around your normal watering holes.

I had time to kill today, so I stopped by a couple LGS to check their prices. Both places were wiped on ammo but I was suprised how many firearms they still had. Granted they were mostly shotguns and revolvers but there were still AKs,(WASR) and ARs to be had.
The 1st place was still selling WASRs for $350.
The 2nd place had an Colt AR for $2400 and a Jager AP-74 22lr for $300.

The clerk was telling me that they cant keep ARs on the shelf. He said that models that sold for $750 last week, were selling for over $2,000. He then told me that they would be getting more in next week and that they weren't going to rasie the prices on them like they did on the ones they had already sold. He said they would sell them at there normal mark up.
How nice! Guess they made their money?
Sounded kinda dirty to me but then again he did say that most of the ARs they have been selling were on consignment, so maybe the high prices weren't completely their doing.

Aside from the ARs, everything else looked fairly reasonable, maybe around $50 to $100 more than I would like but nowhere near as bad as I would've thought them to be. After reading some of the posts here, I figured everyone was taking advantage and raising all their prices, good to see some stores are trying to stay within reason.
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