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I own lots of guns and just off the top of my head I can quickly count five .22 caliber handguns, all of which I enjoy shooting as often as possible. In addition to that, I have .22 caliber conversions for several of my larger caliber automatics. I know I'm stating the obvious but I'll say it anyway...shooting .22's are cheap and you shoot them all day long without becoming stressed or tired. Accuracy out of a .22 is just as impressive to me as it is from a larger caliber gun. Great, inexpensive fun, good training and can put meat on the table. I can't see any reason not to purchase a .22 as your first handgun.

I would be willing to bet that those same guys will be lining up to shoot your .22 just the same as if you decided on a larger caliber first. What ever you choose, rest assured that it won't be your last...
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