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Violence of all types disturbs you?

That's what I don't get, why does all violence disturb you?

We are a violent species. Violence and aggression are not abnormal behavior for humans. You have centuries of evidence to prove it.

Violence is something humans do. When and why, justified or not, these issues are based in our norms and mores. Look at different cultures you will see different levels of violence but I don't know of any that are violence free in all situations.

I actually think that efforts to completely squash all violence are part of the problem to begin with. Kids are not allowed/permitted to establish their right to self defense.

A bully starts something and both kids get punished. The bully knew he would get it but when little goodie two shoes get's expelled as well the bully has a great laugh sitting home on his X-Box while the victim is home getting scolded by mom.

Kids need to be able to work some things out during certain ages and within reasonable scope. Teachers need to have our trust and the latitude to handle these issues correctly with a real sense of justice in their hearts and not have to fear legal action and job loss at every turn.

This kind of stuff is as much a part of the problem as the ADD drug crap is.

If someone likes statistics try on how many mass school shootings before 1990 and how many after? and what changed in the mean time?
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