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Mike Irwin
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"Remember can get sued by ANYONE, for ANYTHING."

Yes, you certainly can. Life is one big exercise in calculated risk.

If you calculate that your reloading processes are such that you will never screw up and load a bad one, more power to you, go forth and sell whatever you want to whomever you want, and pray that you never get one of these...

That's what happens when you break concentration and load 9.8 grains of WW 231 behind a 230-gr. lead bullet. My limited research on the whole incident indicates that pressure could have peaked out somewhere around 70,000 PSI. Why my 1911 isn't scrap, I don't know.

When I did that I had been reloading for almost 30 years, over 100,000 rounds of rifle, handgun, and shotgun, and I had never had a single user error in all that time.

After that, I largely changed my tune on pretty much anyone shooting my guns or my reloads.

No sense in giving someone a BIG helping hand in hitting the Lawsuit Lottery.

So, you want to run with scissors, play in traffic, and eat expired roach coach sushi, that's one thing, but don't take offense at other people who choose to take a more... tempered... approach to things.
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