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I think the only way you get to talk to anybody at Bud's is if you pay for the "privalege" to be a Bud's VIP customer. That Bud's VIP program really ticks me off. I don't choose to pay a yearly membership fee for the opportunity to buy from a business.

Bummer on the above posters rifle delivery problem. Did they show that rifle was in stock when you ordered it? I was starting to suffer buyers remorse the first time I bought from Bud's because it took 4 days to get the handgun shipped. Your situation is much worse and I can imagine how you feel. When I buy something, I want it immediately and any lost time just gets my bowels in an uproar.

But my most recent purchase was shipped in 4 working days (if you count Saturday as a working day) after I pulled the trigger on the order.
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