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Secondly, the presidents, and I mean ALL of them, and their families, receive death threats on a daily basis. President Obama did not enact the regulations that REQUIRE Secret Service protection for him and his family. If you believe your children are as much of a target as the president's children, then you have a self inflated idea of your position in this world.
All children are targets for those intent on hurting children, regardless of who their parents are.
The Beslan school takeover by Muslim terrorists did not target the children of political figures, and the massacres of Israeli school children did not target children of political figures. Same goes for assaults on school children in Iraq and Afghanistan.
So far none of the school shootings in the US have targeted the wealthy or politally connected. Probably because those children are protected.

Pretense that our children are perfectly safe from kidnapping or assaults simply because we aren't wealthy or politally connected is naive.
The person who made the claim is an idiot and and demonstrates an elitist attitude that they can't even recognise in themself much less others.
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