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Alex0535 in some states citizens are required by law to inform an officer that you have a weapon in your car immediately if you are stopped. A CCW doesn't nullify this law.

Let's break this down. Chances are if you were stopped, it was for a reason. Perhaps minor, perhaps not. Maybe you will know why you are being stopped maybe you will be informed by the officer as you are unaware at the moment.
Either way, it's best not to assume that the Officer does NOT have the authority to search because if he does in fact have cause and authority, failure to notify him of the weapon at the soonest opportunity and his "finding it" upon search.

Yea, that's going to go over well

I live in Arizona, a much more relaxed state. We are not required to notify the officer unless asked. But the laws and officers of some other states are not so relaxed.
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