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I have used both HS-6 and PowerPistol in a couple of Beretta PX-4's (both full size and compact 9mm) with great results. A point to remember with loading for autos is that each gun is designed for a certain range of recoil to feed properly whether long gun, short gun or shotgun. When I load up for my 9mm the starting load won't even eject the shell without stove piping. So one load that works for my pistol may not be very appetizing to yours. I only hand load for my self defense weapons for target shooting or other practice and use only factory loads for when I conceal carry or on standby at the house. The legal eagles recommend this because the courts tend to think hand loads are only meant to kill or wreak excessive damage and not for just stopping a threat. In addition, ballistic data for handloads cannot be used to determine how far you were from the intended target in order to prove there was an imminent threat or not. OH, THE TIMES WE LIVE IN NOW!! I miss the days when I used to ride through town on my bicycle with my dad's double barrell 12 ga. across the handle bars on my way to my favorite hunting spot a few hundred yards past the last house without even so much as raising an eyebrow!!!
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